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Almost two years ago, I needed to replace the roof on our home.  Because the roof was extremely ancient and had numerous layers of shingles, the best solution was to tear the whole thing off and beginning from scratch.  This was a sizable, messy and high-priced project. I had a team of local roofing experts setting up ladders in our gardens, tossing debris into our shrubs, and crawling all up and down our home.  With the house covered in a plastic tarp, there was no way I could operate the cooling system. The frigid air would have simply escaped outside, costing my family a fortune. While they worked tireless to create a new roof for our house, my family suffered through overheated and sticky conditions.  We all had to cope with dust, bugs, and endless noise for a little over a month It was such a relief when the project was finally complete. I didn’t expect to notice a difference in the comfort of the house from the old roof, however the new roof was a definite improvement. When I started up the a/c, I was surprised by how abruptly it cooled the house down.  After that, the a/c no longer ran for as long of cycles; it kept the whole house a more even temperature, and was far more energy efficient. My bi-weekly electric bills were significantly lower, and the house was much cleaner. That winter, I noticed the gas furnace carried a much lighter workload. There were fewer drafts and frigid spots, and the home heating system kept up with demand, all while experiencing shorter running times and lower gas bills.  The savings on the operational costs of our heating and cooling idea will certainly recover the cost of the new roof.

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