The fan is blowing air everywhere

I have never owned an air conditioner but then, I have been living in the north for 23 years now. The northern summers just don’t get too hot. The hottest weather I ever remember is it was around 90 degrees one July morning, then most of the Summer ranges from 72-82 degrees. The heat in the north is not as hot as the south either. I never have to wear sunblock, it is not powerful enough to burn me, also the air is super humid. The humidity is what feels hot in the summer, not the sunshine. So to combat this, I use a dehumidifier in my home… once the wetness is gone from the air quality, I am good to go. You might be surprised how much moisture in the air quality affects comfort levels. If you add a humidifier to your heating system in the winter season, the home feels much warmer. Adding a dehumidifier in the summer makes the home cooler. I don’t even need to pair the indoor air quality unit with an air conditioner either. If the weather gets genuinely bad plus the dehumidifier is not helping, I will use a window fan in my room. Honestly though, between the dehumidifier and fan, I never get too hot where I am. I understand this is a different story in the south. Most people in the north don’t even bother with any kind of A/C technology; We would only use it one week out of the year anyway.

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