I need to rip this out

I learn on the internet that you can connect your boiler system to a lot of things: that a boiler system can connect to your hot-water tank in order to supply hot warm. A boiler also can link to piping in the floors, & this makes heated floors. Additionally boiler system have even been connected by piping in the driveway to melt snow off or connect to a swimming pool, serving as a pool heater! I love the thought of our boiler system having all of these functions, but my question is though, how tough is it? Are there any negative sides affects connecting your boiler to do all these things? I wonder if it causes a lot of strain on the furnace system & if could lead to a premature breakdown. My boiler is not that gigantic either: can it handle heating more than just our house? There might be certain boilers that are able to & others that are not… Secondly, if I was going to commit to heating in more areas than our house, I would want to do the heating upgrade for our house. I wonder how tough it is to connect a boiling water tank to a boiler? Radiant flooring upgrade does not sound that hard, just time consuming, for the driveway, I believe you need to rip up the existing driveway to install the piping in it. A pool furnace I would suppose make it so the cement around the pool needs to be ripped up. I bet it is costly to hook your boiler to either the pool or driveway, since they are further away.

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