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Installing a geothermal heat pump is not for the faint hearted, however when I decided to get a heat pump system, my supplier asked me what type I wanted.  They had electric, ductless plus a geothermal model, however I got the stats on each of the systems and I liked the thought of using geothermal energy. The geothermal HVAC installation turned out to be way more involved.  For one, the outdoor component has to be buried under the yard. I had to get a service to rip my yard all up. Then the outdoor component was buried under the yard and then a new crew had to replant the grass. Next, the outdoor component and indoor component had to hookup to each other. The HVAC installation took days plus I was dealing with multiple services. It was 2 times more pricey than I assume it should have costed me. What is the difference of a geothermal heat pump over the others, you ask: Basically the component is buried underground.  So how a heat pump works is by moving heat energy. If you want the heating system on, the heat energy outside is pumped inside. For cooling, the heat energy inside is pushed outside. Installing the component under the dirt is way more efficient though. In the wintertime, it is warmer under the ground. It is also cooler in the summer under the ground. So the heat pump does work better, but the cost plus work was shocking. If I would have known all of these details, I don’t feel I would have went with the geothermal one.

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