Why does it smell like this!

I have set aside a room in my condo as a workout area. I am dedicated to my fitness regiment and devote at least an hour a day to my workout. I have invested in a treadmill, rowing machine, weight bench, free weights, kettlebells and jump rope. Despite being diligent about cleaning this room it started to stink strongly of sweat. I live in an area that has  extreme weather for the majority of the year. There is rarely a chance to open the windows and take advantage of fresh air and ventilation. Most of the time, I’m running either the A/C or the heater and need to keep the windows shut. I’ve made my condo as airtight as possible to prevent energy waste and minimize my utility bills. Unfortunately this also traps contaminants in the house. I tried setting up air fresheners and even burned scented candles however my home gym still reeked of sweat. I finally called up a local HVAC company and asked for some advice. The HVAC company suggested a ventilation system that would work in conjunction with the HVAC system.  While I was a unhappy about spending the money on a ventilation system the ventilation system has paid for itself. In the Winter season the ventilation system uses the stale outgoing air to heat the incoming air. This reduces the workload of the HVAC unit and allows lower thermostat settings, and has lowered the monthly heating costs. During the Summer the ventilation system combats humidity which minimizes strain on the A/C and lets me set the thermostat a bit higher. The ventilation system is a lot like opening a window with none of the energy loss. It takes care of the unpleasant odors and makes the air fresh and clean.


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