I was completely blind sided

The weather in the part of the country where I live is totally unpredictable. We can go from snow to sunshine to rain within a single week. This past year we have had a truly long and frigid Winter  with a tremendous amounts of snowfall. I was forced to shut the windows tighten up the house as well as turn on the furnace by late September. We dealt with cold temperatures down to twenty below zero for weeks at a time. There were numerous blizzards which dumped lots snow on us and knocked out power for extended periods. Trying to keep warm with no electricity is impossible. My furnace doesn’t operate without power and my home became frigid and uncomfortable. It is now the middle of March and the I am are still waiting for signs of Spring.  We have been relying on the furnace to combat cold temperatures below zero. I’ve noticed that the daffodils and tulips are poking out of the ground and there are signs of budding on the lilac trees. However,there is still snow on the ground. I checked the local forecast for the next seven days and there is an unusual mix of weather conditions. Today it is snowing like crazy and the temperature is thirty degrees. I’ve got thermostat cranked and the furnace blasting out heat. Tomorrow the temperature is expected to climb into the low sixties with sunshine. The following day we are expecting lots of rain and cold temperatures. I am reluctant to shut down the HVAC unit  for a single afternoon of warm weather. I’m afraid that it won’t start up again.

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