Air conditioning everyday

A few months ago, I passed out a questionnaire to all of my students, asking them to list some things that they were thankful for, plus to write a paragraph about those things. It was then I got some absolutely interesting contributions. But one of the ones that intrigued myself and others the most was from a shy, drastic students who does not speak rather often in class. He stated in his paragraph that he was thankful for a/c this year. The paragraph then explained, in perfectly-expressed, grammatically-regular terms, that he had been separate from a/c for a few weeks because his parents’ a/c equipment had crashed. So, they had to save up for the currency to replace it. But, then after seeing his parents work so hard for the a/c unit, plus seeing how ecstatic they were when it was replaced and to finally get an up-to-date a/c equipment installed, was it then he realized how much he had taken a/c for granted in the past. He said that today, he prays to provide thanks for his a/c everyday, plus he is constantly appreciative of it in the car, in stores, plus at university. I was absolutely impressed with his detailed paragraph, but more than that, I was impressed with his character. How many young men his age would have just complained about being separate from a/c plus criticized their parents for not getting it back soon enough? Instead, he was just grateful for the hard work and sacrifice that his parents had made daily to get an a/c equipment again. I decided to be a little more thankful for a/c too!

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