I can’t take this awful language

Have you ever been just floored by how some business owners treat their institutions? As a manager, I tend to interact with many of these unprofessional sales men and women. It is these specific equipment service professionals that I am now a watchful pro at creating mean spirited reviews afterwards. And sure enough just last week I had to put those same skills to work, since I had the worst Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker experience of my entire home owner existence! It began when our gas furnace completely shorted during the middle of the week. I arrived home from a tiring day at work and our house was seriously chilly inside, with the temperature control box wavering at a measly 75 degrees! I panicked and called our local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technician that moment. Right away I messed up by not checking their credentials or store reviews. This was an enormous mistake. This technician told me that the whole gas furnace would be up and running within about thirty minutes. I waited for hours until finally a ventilation expert arrive for dinner time! When she finally showed up at our front door, she gave no explanation or apology for her delay in the arrival time. She just shoved past me quickly and asked to see where my gas furnace base was set. For the next several minutes, I heard the loudest noises clanging and ringing through the entire house as she kicked the life out of our oil furnace. She was using awful language loudly and throwing her grimy tools all over the floor. It was making it a horrible hazard to even walk through the house. After another half hour of of silence, she handed us a invoice for a whopping $1000 and walked out the door without a goodbye. But, the most awful part was that our gas furnace broke down again in less than two days later. I never would be scheduling a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appointment without checking on the reviews first!

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