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Occasionally I am so flabbergasted by the way all people that represent their businesses behave at times. As a director of my own business, I often interacted with such unprofessional sales folks and device repair professionals that I became a pro at writing scathing reports online when folks did a poor job. Yes, you are correct to think that I would put those same talks to point this past week when I had the worst Heating as well as Air Conditioning provider experience of my entire adult job experience! It all started when my heating system crashed really hard in the middle of the night. I came back to my house from working all day and my den was horribly frosty inside and out. I could not work with the temperature control component reading a measly 35 degrees at the top of the day! I panicked and jumped on it to telephone our Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer right away. It is not like me to not check their credentials or online reviews, but I was rushing. The front desk promised they could have my heating system up and running within just a couple of hours. My excitement dwindled when I didn’t even see a ventilation expert arrive until five in the evening. When he finally showed up at my back door, he offered zero reasoning or apology for his late arrival. He simply pushed past the door and demanded to see the heating system cabinet where the problem was. For the next hour, I heard the loudest banging sound ringing through my walls as he beat what was left out of my heating system. He was cursing loudly, while throwing his dirty tools all over my floor, making it a real mess to walk through the house. After a bit more silence, he handed my husband the invoice for a staggering $1000 and just sauntered out the door without a pleasantry. Worst of all, my heating system broke down again less than a couple of days later. That’s the last time I schedule a Heating as well as Air Conditioning appointment without checking the reviews first!

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