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It takes a lot to surprise me, but the way some people run their business can astound me at times. As a full time manager, I have had to interact with such unprofessional sales representatives and different types of maintenance technicians, that I became a full time writer for scathing reviews after my experience. Don’t you know that I put those same writing skills into play last Friday when I had a terrible Heating & Air Conditioning service tech experience. Maybe the worst ever!  It all took off when my gas furnace busted while in the middle of the work day. I came home from a long day at the office and my home was horribly frosty inside. I couldn’t believe that the temperature control component was at a measly 35 degrees! I was so worried as I quickly called an Heating & Air Conditioning dealership. This was my first mistake to call without checking their online reviews or even asking around. The front desk lady promised my whole gas furnace would be functioning faster than I could believe, but I didn’t even see a ventilation expert arrive for hours later! When he finally did deem to show up at my front door, he offered not one explanation or apology for his tardy presence. He only pushed past me and my husband demanding to know where the gas furnace cabinet was located. For the next hour, I heard the loudest destruction sounds ringing through my home as he beat the life out of my gas furnace, apparently repairing it. He was swearing as I never heard in another language while throwing his dirty tools all over the room. He was making it a real hazard to move through the house at that point. After another bit of scary silence, he handed us an invoice for a staggering $1000 in repairs. He just casually walked out the door without a pleasantry or single word to be spoken. Worst of all, my gas furnace broke down again less than two days after the fact. That’s the last time I schedule any type of Heating & Air Conditioning appointment without checking the reviews first, they always know best!

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