A newer heater

The other day our air conditioner system completely conked out. The people I was with and I thought that since the people here are halfway through the Summer, we might be able to make it through another week or so with no a/c. But of course, the weather decided to be awful and we had a major heat wave appear in our area. It was so grossly warm and stuffy in our house with no air conditioner that my partner and I could barely sit it. One day he just gave up then told me to go to the hardware store while he was at work. He wanted me to buy a window unit air conditioner system to help us at least get through the heat wave. While I was on the highway, I just kept thinking about the rest of the Summer looming before us with no central air conditioner in the house. I knew that a window unit was not going to split it to keep us cool in our 1690 square foot house. When I pulled up to a stoplight, I noticed that I had stopped directly behind a Heating and A/C dealer’s repair truck. Along with the Phone number to the Heating and A/C business, they had an interesting slogan with a picture of a little guy laying in the sunshine dripping with sweat. The slogan stated, “If it’s too warm to handle, call us.” I could definitely relate to the cartoon of that warm little guy so I pulled out my cell phone then dialed the number. Now, instead of paying for a small window unit air conditioner system, I’m going back to the loft to wait for the Heating and A/C repair contractor to show up and do some repairs on our central a/c. My partner might not care for it, however I’d rather put the currency toward an actual repair than to waste it on a temporary window unit that’s not even going to help us that much.

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