A total disaster

I have been single for over a year now. I am really ready to find a relationship. I have been so tired of having to see movies, go to dinner, or even get coffee by myself. I often times feel very sad that I have to do these things alone and not with a partner. So, I decided I would get back out there and go on some dates. I have downloaded a couple of dating apps on my smartphone and have been messing around with them a little bit. I finally found a guy that I thought was a good match. We made plans to go get drinks after work next week. I was pretty excited to go out on a date for the first time in forever. I met my date right after we both got off work, but I could tell something was off when I met him. He seemed really sweating and out of breath. I thought made he had run over from his office, but I later found out that was not the case. My date told me he had been sitting in the restaurant waiting for me. The air conditioner wasn’t working. It was a hot day in the middle of the summer, and it was extremely humid outside. I felt so bad that he had been sitting in there without the air conditioner. I really wanted to ask the manager if the air conditioner was going to come back on or if the whole HVAC system was broken. I didn’t want to have to sit in that hot bar with this guy if the air conditioner wasn’t going to come back on at some point.

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