This duct needs to be cleaned

I live in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is a major challenge all year round.  During the long winter months, we deal with temperatures well below zero, incredible amounts of snowfall and brutal wind chill.  Throughout the summer season, the temperature remains in the high eighties and is worsened by ungodly humidity. The spring and fall seasons are short, wet, chilly and absolutely miserable.  Because of the conditions, we’re constantly forced to rely on some type of temperature control. I switch from the running the furnace to operating the air conditioner with very little time in-between.  This means that tightening up the house to prevent energy losses is a priority. I take every precaution to trim down monthly costs and lessen the workload of the heating and cooling equipment. A securely sealed home minimizes energy consumption but also eliminates ventilation.  Since there’s rarely a time when I can open up the windows and welcome in a fresh breeze, the same stale air is constantly circulated. This air becomes musty, contaminated and a threat to health and comfort. To improve indoor air quality, I’ve invested in a heat recovery ventilation system.  The ventilator installed directly into the existing heating/cooling system and brings in fresh air. It provides all of the benefits of opening a window with none of the drawbacks. Plus, it helps to cut monthly energy costs by combating humidity in the summer and preheating the incoming air in the winter.   The ventilator creates a cleaner, healthier and far more comfortable indoor environment and has paid for itself through energy savings.

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