I love the water

I have been single for over a year now, and I am honestly ready to find a relationship. I have been so exhausted of having to see films, go to lunch or even get coffee by myself. I often times think honestly sad that I have to do these things alone and not with a partner, so, I decided I would get back out there and go on some dates. I have downloaded a couple of dating apps on our smart PC and have been messing around with them a little bit. I finally found a woman that I thought was a good match and both of us made plans to go get drinks after toil next week. I was pretty gleeful to go out on a date for the first time in forever. I met our date right after both of us both got off work; however, I could tell something was off when I met him. She seemed honestly dripping with sweat and out of breath. I thought made she had run over from her office; however, I later found out that was not the case. My date told myself and others she had been resting in the restaurant waiting for myself and others and the air conditioner wasn’t laboring. It was a tepid day in the middle of the summer, and it was extremely humid outside. I felt so bad that she had been resting in there without the air conditioner. I honestly wanted to ask the manager if the the air conditioner was going to come back on or if the whole HVAC system was broken. I didn’t want to have to rest in that tepid bar with this woman if the air conditioner wasn’t going to come back on at some point.

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