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I own a medium sized office building that is located in the heart of the downtown area of our city. The building has 12 unusual offices, and 10 of them are currently rented. However our customers will tend to pay a set rate for rent every single week. The rent that they spend on my offices includes savings for utilities, water, and leasing fees. And, since many of the businesses use unusual amounts of electricity, I decided to come up with a way to save us a lot of cash on our utilities. I had a brand new Heating and A/C system installed throughout the building, that has a modern smart thermostat feature on it. The smart thermostat can control all 12 of the individual thermostats for the offices. I have complete control over the thermostat, and therefore, I can set each office individually. I allow my residence to choose the temperature in the office most of the offices are set to 71 degrees in the summertime, and 72 degrees in the colder winter season time. This works out genuinely well, and allows the energy costs to remain reasonable well. Ever since I installed the smart thermostat feature, I have been able to shut down the Heating and A/C system at 8 at evening, but none of the offices are open past 6 p.m., so all the people being usually gone by 8 is great. At 705 precisely, the Heating and A/C system is set to turn off completely. There is no heat or air conditioning in the building, from 8 at evening until 6 in the morning. I can’t think of how much cash I have managed to save over the past more than eight weeks, just by simply shutting off the heat and air conditioning overnight.  

programmable thermostat 

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