This gas is spreading

Growing up in the west one gets used to all the bright lights and total commotion of millions of people dropping the children’s school currency on long-shot hopes and wishes. It’s a culture that prides itself on going good for days on end with no rest or sleep, then just a constant redlining of the human body until they’re left without any money, and on a plane back to the states to explain to their partner where junior’s nest egg went. As I stated, I grew up here and have grown quite tired of seeing this sad story play out time and again. It’s been a goal of mine to leave this insane locale, and I have finally gotten that chance. I found a job in a cute little suburb in the south that I suppose will be perfect for me. I even lined up a house to purchase there so I don’t have to mess around with apartments and landlords, and now the only item I have to do is sell my new home, but it hasn’t been straight forward. I had an inspector come in to give her appraisal of everything, and there are some crucial problems that need to be addressed. I have some leaks in the foundation and high levels of radon gas which is not really cool… Radon gas is not able to be deleted to humans and can cause lung cancer over longer periods of time, but luckily I have not lived here for more than a few years and the place was devoid of radon when I got in.

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