These living conditions are rough

I recently moved to the city about 6 hours away from my childhood home. I was given an opportunity to take work as a professor. Right after I took the job, I found a beautiful home about twenty minutes away from the college. Most of my colleagues have a forty minute commute or more, so I was lucky to find something so close! I moved two weeks after the initial offer. I was happy for a new adventure! I fell in love with my work, the school, and my students. I loved the neighborhood and spent several nights exploring the hidden gems that it had to offer.  The only thing that I struggled with was the extreme temperatures in the subway stations. In the city, the population is so high that you cannot travel by car! You need to use public transportation. The traffic is too crazy if you try driving. During the summer, the subway station becomes a sauna. I literally sweat from sitting on the platform as I wait for the subway to arrive. The subway cars are supposed to have air conditioning, but most of them are broken. I want to cry when I step onto a subway vehicle that is not air conditioned. The only relief I get is when I finally come home. I try to keep myself cool by thinking cool thoughts, but the only thing that certainly fixes the issue is when I arrive home to my powerful air conditioning unit. I turn it on full blast and kneel right next to the vents, breathing in the sweet, cool air.

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