Higher temperatures

I remember growing up and hearing constant fights between my parents over the HVAC. This was the only time they ever fought. The heating and cooling system was always standing in between them. My mother is always cold. I remember her hands being chilly and I also remember hearing my dad complain when her cold feet touched him in bed. My dad, on the other hand, is almost never cold. He always has the sweats. He is the type of guy that wears shorts even in the winter. My mom always turned the thermostat up when my dad wasn’t looking. I knew he caught on when I would hear him cursing as he walked to the thermostat to turn it back down. Fast forward a few years to their current situation. It is the complete opposite scenario. My parents don’t fight over heating or cooling anymore! A few years ago, I managed to convince them to update their heating and cooling system to something that would satisfy both of them. Zone heating was a great solution. Zone heating allows the temperature of the home to be adjusted differently in each room. This allows my mom’s office to be at a higher temperature, while the basement is at a lower temperature. My parents can adjust each room to their individual needs. They can avoid the fights altogether. They are much happier now thanks to zone heating!

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