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My sibling Lyla and I figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult to install air ducts in our new home. But unfortunately, the two of us were not even close to capable of doing this. I discovered that ductwork installation is actually meant for the professional and can seriously mess up your home if done incorrectly. Lyla and I simply assumed that doing it ourselves would save some currency, plus we would learn a new skill and be able to install the HVAC ducts the way we want them. Ductwork is quite heavy, at least 9 inches wide, and fairly fragile. Lyla and I had our hands full just carrying it! Then we needed to rip down the walls and ceiling to have a space to insert the HVAC ducts. Well, we found out that fitting in the air ducts in a logical pattern was not easy in the least. You don’t want your air ducts to have a lot of turns and twists because that’s bad for the air ducts. The more seams exist, the more likely it is that you will have a crack, a crack that will allow the air your HVAC system creates to escape from your house. This, in turn, means that the HVAC device will have to work a lot harder, for longer hours, and eventually will die on you. Also, your bills will skyrocket. So anyway, Lyla and I realized the importance of installing the air ducts correctly. Unfortunately for us, the HVAC ducts were so fragile that both of us kept scratching and denting them. By the end of the air duct installation attempt, Lyla and I both decided just to place them up there. We agreed to set them up, but then we decided to have a HVAC company do the air duct sealing at a later date because doing it ourselves was a nightmare.

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