My dreams are coming true

For a very long time, I have been thinking I should get an a/c repair done. I knew I needed to call a cooling supplier and have them clean the AC unit thoroughly. You see, the fan blades were coated in dust, the motor belt really needed lubrication, and the cooling coil was covered in some gross mold. Also, I was certain there was algae blocking my condensate drain. But I did not want to risk making a mistake, of course, so I decided to hire a professional cooling corporation. I wanted to wait until they could come out to our house, though. Well, of course if you don’t call the AC provider, they don’t come to perform a tune up. At this point, I had neglected to schedule our a/c tune up for so long that I was dreaming about it. I thought about it all afternoon and started stressing about it. Then, last weekend a good friend and I went out to the bar, and I drunkenly stumbled back home later after an exciting evening out. In my inebriated state, I decided to go ahead and perform my own cooling tune up. Never do any a/c repair while drunk, I can tell you that much. I woke up the next morning convinced that I did a wonderful job fixing our cooling plan. When I took a look at the a/c unit, though, I saw that I had actually broken it. I’d handled the fan blades roughly, so now they were all twisted at odd angles. The homemade lubrication for the fan belt was wrong as well. I also ripped apart the drainage system and ruined it. The a/c plan is completely ruined with no way even a cooling business can fix it.

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