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Just this past week, I attended a birthday gathering for a friend’s little boy. Well, since our friend had been having some plumbing complications at his house, he decided to have the gathering at one of those large trampoline parks, the ones that kids love. The type of park where the entire space is much like one gigantic bouncy trampoline where kids go crazy. They love jumping around and literally bouncing off the walls. But while the children were all jumping and enjoying the party, I had a talk with my friend about his plumbing problems. He had mentioned to me that the toilet in his downstairs bathroom kept messing up and he wasn’t quite sure why. Understandably, he didn’t want to have a bunch of people over for a birthday gathering and then have a malfunctioning toilet in the guest bathroom. I can totally understand that! But the bizarre thing was that while I was at the trampoline park that day, an employee came running out of the ladies’ restroom shouting that the toilets in there were overflowing! My friend looked at me and joked that his plumbing problems were a bit contagious, as they seemed to be following him around. Well, then one of the servicemen ran into the ladies’s bathroom and, shortly thereafter, ran back out and picked up the phone at the registration counter. Prior to my departure from the gathering, a plumbing service truck pulled up in front of the place. It was then that I told my friend that he should probably just go ahead and call a professional plumber as well.

bathroom plumbing system 

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