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My dad was arrested for DUI, so I knew we needed to employ an experienced lawyer.  Just about any criminal attorney will accept a DUI case, but there is a big difference in proficiency level.  I wanted an attorney with experience and specialized training. I called several attorneys in the local area and enquired how many DUI cases they had taken to trial and about the end results.  I took the time to study the attorney’s bar record to see where they studied law and how long they had been practicing law.

              Once I found an attorney I could rely on,  I arranged for a face-to-face meeting to make sure the guy would be available and reachable.  My dad and I were reassured by the way the attorney spoke with and treated us in his office. We felt confident that he was the right person to defend my father in court.  He seemed to absolutely concerned about the outcome and was negotiable about his fees. The attorney went over the case and saw weaknesses in police reports. The know-how of an attorney who specializes in DUI cases is priceless.  The one we chose wasn’t the cheapest attorney, but I suppose we paid more for fine work.

             I liked that the lawyer did not leave my brother’s case to assistants, but personally managed every detail, step and procedure.  While this was an extremely difficult time and resulted in a big expense, choosing the right lawyer was the chief factor. Because of his legal representation, my dad’s life wasn’t totally ruined because of a silly mistake.

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