We have a great security system

“A dog is man’s best friend,” is an old saying which,plus in my case, could not be any more true. My boy Slick has been with me for ten years now, plus he is the most loyal, friendly, plus all around awesome pet ever. He is a purebred German Shepherd plus is great with the children, entirely smart, plus a great guard dog. Unfortunately, time is a tough mistress, plus she is destroying Slick’s health plus well-being.

              His hips are getting pretty weak plus he doesn’t have as much energy as he once did. Slick used to be very active, however now he prefers lying around most of the time. This has motivated my partner to repeatedly bring up the idea of getting a security plan installed, since Slick might not be so quick to respond if there is a burglary.She feels that having a security company install an alarm plus possibly motion sensors, would keep our cabin safe. I feel she’s being precipitous, however I do see where she is coming from.

            We run a rather successful rare metals business out of our basement plus can have somewhere up to $20,000 in merchandise on location at a time. The only thing stopping me is that we live out in the middle of nowhere with literally miles between us plus our neighbors. The odds of someone knowing what we do, plus coming all the way out here to make a quick buck seems too low to prompt buying a new security system.

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