This turned into a nightmare

I really should have investigated what heat pump upgrades entail. At first, I searched online to learn all about heat pumps and how they can save a lot of energy. I, of course, wanted to save energy and have superior temperature control. To that end, I purchased a geothermal heat pump system to bring down my bills. You see, the heat pump works by using outdoor air quality and pushing or pulling it into your home. It depends primarily on the heat energy. If you want heating, the heat energy from outside is pulled into the house. If you want A/C, however, the inside heat energy is then pushed outside. It guarantees your air quality is cleaner and a lot fresher as well. There is no more mold, dust, and debris in the air quality with this particular method. You also get quicker heating and cooling this way. The upgrade is the only problem that I have with this HVAC system. What I failed to read up on online is how taxing it is to install a heat pump, especially a geothermal one. You have an indoor and outdoor unit with it, you see. The indoor unit that is set up inside is easy; the HVAC supplier just drilled a few holes in the wall and then fed some wires through it. The outdoor unit was the true nightmare. The HVAC professional said the outdoor unit must be buried under my lawn in order to actually work. So I had to hire a repair service to totally dig up my lawn. Then the HVAC supplier installed the unit and I had to get another repair service to patch the lawn. Honestly, it looks pretty crappy now and it cost a ton of money to do.

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