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My hubby Mike and I saved up every penny we could manage in order to construct a new home. Of course, we desired the home to be built the way we both wanted it. While Mike had a clear vision for the layout of our house, I myself had a specific vision of how it would look inside! Throughout the process of building a new home, though, you need to decide upon many rather important things. One of these crucial decisions is what you plan to do for HVAC. Well, Mike and I had never truly talked about HVAC or our options in that arena. So I did a little bit of research and I was pleased to learn about radiant floors. Mike and I quickly decided to put the radiant floors in our master bathroom and our kitchen! This decision was really a safety net in case we did not like the radiant floors. The rest of the home would be heated by a fireplace in the great room. Honestly, we were planning on not even using the flooring. However, it only took a month of cold weather and using the radiant floors for us to realize we really liked them. Radiant flooring on frosty tile is a true game changer. Mike and I love the radiant heat under our feet after the shower, and we also enjoy it when we cook in the kitchen. In fact, we like the electric heated floor so much that we would love to extend it into other rooms of our home. However, this heating plan is too difficult to install on existing homes. I mean, but you have to rip up the floors altogether! Plus, it would cost us a ton of money and would basically ruin our brand new place! So now the two of us are stuck with just the fireplace.


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