These filters are very high grade

When my husband James initially moved in with me, we agreed to divide the household jobs! You see, James is the repair-oriented one; he fixes anything inside or outside of the house. Plus, he is the guy who rakes, mows, and even trims the hedges outside. I myself take care of washing, drying, and folding our laundry. I also buy food, prepare it, and clean up after supper for us. It is a trade-off that works well. Even so, we ran into an issue the other day. Unfortunately, our HVAC component stopped working of its own volition! Since that technically falls under the repair category, my husband took a look at it. He was able to deduce that it was a dirty air filter. When we looked online, we learned that the air filter should be changed once a month. But now James is trying to pawn that job off on me! He seems to think air filter changes would be a job best suited for me since it requires shopping, as I regularly do at the grocery store. That, added to the fact that I tend to clean the condo more than he does, means that in his eyes, making sure we have clean air conditioning filters should really be my job. I, however, disagree with this logic. I am convinced that James is the HVAC guy, though. I mean, when the air conditioner filter is dirty, the HVAC won’t work, so that should stay under the repair category. I would much prefer it if James handled all things related to heating and cooling. He honestly would like me to take on this job. So what is your opinion on this issue? Who is the one needs to change the HVAC filters? And is this a matter of repair or cleaning?

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