I’ve never felt heat like this

When my best friend Stephen and I went on vacation last month, the two of us chose to go to a geothermal area. Seriously, the whole area was using geothermal energy; you could literally see steam coming up from the ground everywhere. One of the coolest things we did in that area was go to the community pool. It may sound bizarre to say that the pool was the best part of our vacation, but it was. The community pool featured an Olympic sized swimming pool complete with lanes. In addition, it had a frigid dipping pool, a spacious hot tub, a steam bath, and even a sauna. There was also an upstairs fitness center. Well, the community center boasted about its pools being geothermally heated. But I wasn’t sure how you use geothermal energy to heat. I mean, the pools were warm as they would be if heating by a normal pool heating unit. I honestly don’t understand how you use the heat from the ground and transfer it to the water. In our area of the country, most people use a boiler plan to heat their pools. You use piping from the boiler, and then you bury it underground before connecting it to your pool pump. The boiler can easily heat up the pool this way. There are nifty things available like solar covers and individual furnaces for the pool, but to heat a pool geothermally, you do need to use some form of pump. The sizzling air or water must be pumped into the pool via some method. Well, no matter how they did it, it proved to be an amazing experience for Stephen and I. Both of us would exercise at the fitness center, swim in the frigid pool, and relax in the heated pool until we decided to leave.

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