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When my husband, Paul, and I made the decision to purchase a geothermal heating and cooling system, the cost of the upgrade was a bit shocking to us. The buried loop system made this a much bigger investment than a conventional temperature control system.  We stressed a bit over the high price of a geothermal heat pump. Would it really be worth it? We needed to do some calculations to figure out if the significantly cheaper bi-weekly bills and annual repair costs would quickly reclaim the investment. We were able to combine the purchase and upgrade price with our bi-weekly mortgage payment to minimize the interest financing.  The lower bi-weekly running costs effectively covered the increase in our loan payment, and we knew the change would more be cost effective. Since we both expect the heat pump will be dependable for about twenty years, and the underground loop method will last upwards of fifty years, we should have no trouble getting our money back. Plus, our home will increase in value because of the geothermal heat pump.  We’re also spending far less on our water heating now. The geothermal method heats our water with much greater efficiency than a conventional water heating system does. The geothermal system delivers warm water to the tank by way of a simple connection, where it is stored for our usage. To supply virtually free warm water, it uses the heat removed from our home while the system is in cooling mode. Even though the purchase price and upgrade costs of the geothermal unit were fairly significant due to the complexity of the project, Paul and I are now elated with our decision.  We now enjoy complete temperature control all year long, and our bi-weekly bills are no longer the concern they once were.

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