Fumes are pouring out

A few years ago, for my birthday, my son gave me a portable air conditioning unit.  I was expecting a collectible or some new gloves, plus felt he’d spent far too much on this particular air conditioning unit.  I also was afraid that I’d never use the cooling unit. So we all live in a climate that experiences seriously short summer season seasons, plus I’ve always managed the heat by opening the windows while running box fans.  Although some afternoons were a bit tepid and sticky, I got along. I usually don’t even think to run the air conditioning in my car, as I don’t particularly love the blast of the cold air hitting me in the face. Although I tried to reason with him, my son was stuck on installing the portable air conditioning into my living room window.  I was shocked at how small the unit was, and how my son had it installed, plugged in and working great within an hour. I had to tell him that the cool air circulating around my living room felt great. I now would not try to get by without using my portable air conditioning all the time. As soon as the snow melts from winter, I install it into my living room window, and I operate it every day until the cold weather returns.  Even when the outside weather is slightly cool, I run the air conditioning on a lower speed so I can enjoy the white noise, filtration, plus air circulation. The air conditioning keeps my air cleaner and healthier, and effectively works like a dehumidifier. I never have to deal with exhaust fumes from cooking, pollen from my garden, on the pesky barking dogs. I sleep much better, and I hate to get out of bed in the morning because it is so cool.  The air conditioning features a wireless remote control that is the greatest convenience ever. I don’t even need to move to make changes to the fan speed or air temperature.

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