This is a small town

I live in the middle of nowhere. It’s just about impossible for service or delivery people to find our house.  I prefer the seclusion as well as our privacy. I’m thrilled that there’s no traffic on my road and no neighbors.  My riverfront house is surrounded by woods, as well a spectacular view of the water. However, last winter, when there was a problem with my heater, our location was a problem.  I noticed that the heater was cycling longer and using more energy, and making noise. It was time to call for a professional. I knew the closest Heating and Air Conditioning suppliers would balk at traveling the distance.  I was ready to pay extra for their time as well as commitment. Since it was the heart of winter, with freezing temperatures and constant snowfall, all of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies were very busy. The earliest appointment was over more than a week away.  During that time, the operation of our oil furnace deteriorated. I was forced to raise the control unit setting two more times. Still, the house felt cold. The heating system ran constantly but failed to keep up with the drastic weather. I was happy when the day of the appointment arrived.  With a window for service between 9 am and 4 pm, I spent the day waiting for a technician who never showed. When I called the Heating company to complain, they informed me the specialist couldn’t find the house.

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