We want good ductwork

My house must be set up really weird. I am wondering if maybe the trees surrounded my house make for hot and cold spots. Perhaps the HVAC unit is not large enough to deal with my home, or set up in the wrong location. No matter the cause, I want the hot and cold spots. In the Winter, I run my heater system non stop. My living room and kitchen are toasty warm. The office I work in is icy cold. I thought maybe the window in the office was not sealed tight. I bought all brand new windows and even redrywalled that room. Nope, that room still feels like the heater never touches it. The heating system is not that far from the office either. What is the deal with this? In the Summer the office and most of the home gets cooling access. My bedroom though, always seems to be hot. It is hot in the Winter and gets no AC in the Summer. That makes no sense to me. I could set up window AC in the bedroom if I wanted to. But, I own a larger cooling system. The AC should be able to handle the whole house. I refuse to buy supplemental HVAC units like portable AC and space heaters. The central HVAC unit should be able to do it all. There is something major wrong going on. What should I do to fix these hot and cold spots? Is it a house or a HVAC issue that I am dealing with? I will do just about anything to fix it.

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