There should be a heater in each room

I am a fifth grade professor at a university located in a honestly small town.  The building is extremely aged & somewhat old. Because all of us are in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is officially freezing & snowy, heating is always priority.  It is a requirement to run the heating plan in the university from the middle of September until sometime in March. The university is not even equipped with any type of cooling system. For heating, the university relies on a massive aged boiler which is linked to radiators in the numerous classrooms.  My new classroom is in the perfect location that all of us get just enough heat to keep the students & myself nice & warm. Although the radiator makes a tremendous amount of noise & smells sort of off, my students & I never complain. We’ve all heard the scary stories of the other classrooms. Those that are located the closest to the boiler are regularly terribly overheated & stuffy.  The professors are often forced to open the windows, even though it’s twenty degrees outside, just to cool their room down a bit. The kids frequently come down with headaches, sore throats, & bloody noses. The classrooms located the furthest from the boiler have the opposite problem. They spend the whole morning shivering because they can’t get warm enough. I assume numerous of the professors have smuggled small space heating systems into their rooms.  Even though the space heating systems are a violation of safety codes, they insist that the students are in more danger of freezing to death.

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