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I have been looking for an affordable beach house to buy for many months already. The beach house I decide to buy must be extremely affordable because I do not have a lot of money to put down. The higher the price of the home, the higher the down payment money is necessary, so I can’t pay too much for the beach house even if I could manage to afford the payments. Last week I went out with the realtor plus I think I have found the beach house I am going to finally purchase, however it has a pretty low asking price because it needs some updates plus repairs. It is an older home, almost 150 years old, in fact, plus it has a particularly creepy old cellar plus gas furnace. I went down the cellar stairs plus instantly heard odd scratching noises coming from the gas furnace. That leads myself and others to propose that the gas furnace will particularly have to be updated, or at the least, I will have to call a professional to get a gas furnace repair. The first thing to do will be to have the beach house inspector look over the gas furnace plus give myself and others his expert opinion, and next, I think the water oil furnace needs to be repaired or updated. I turned on the warm water faucet in the kitchen, plus the water just never felt hot. The water oil furnace may just be shut off while the beach house is vacant, I don’t know for sure, however the water oil furnace may also be broken. Next, the air conditioner systems are window machine air conditioners. I am not sure I like those at all, The window cooling system units block all the views from the windows, plus the old window cooling system units are kind of outdated fashioned. We’ll just see what happens!

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