I don’t mind if there’s renters

I literally can’t schedule  Heating or A/C maintenance in our little town. How much of a pain is that? I bought a gas heating system about four years ago online.  I had it delivered to my house. I then installed the heating system myself. I also perform heating tune ups when necessary. I faced a problem with the furnace last year.  It just would not turn on. I researched for help online. The article I read suggested that it is better to have a heating professional handle the repair. The homeowner might accidently turn a minor  Heating maintenance issue into a bigger problem or even a safety issue. So I followed recommendations and I called the nearest Heating and A/C contractor. The closest HVAC company is about an hour away. I was prepared to spend extra money for the drive time. I spoke to a guy at the HVAC company and he agreed to handle the heating repair. The concern was that this  was the middle of the holiday season, and his busy time. So he put me on a waiting list and promised get to my repair as soon as possible. I asked how long he figured I would be without heating. He assured me it would be no more than a week. It has been nearly 3 years now, and I still have not heard back from him. I ended up going back online and learning how to fix the heating system on my own. I managed it just fine and the furnace seems to working properly. I have talked to friends and neighbors of mine about Heating and A/C. They all deal with the same concerns. No HVAC company wants to drive all the way out to do our Heating or A/C service or repairs. More money does not convince them to help us out.

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