This would be easy

When my son moved out to go to school, it was a bittersweet period for my partner as well as I. Both of us were sad to see him move out, however the two of us were pretty glad to have the house finally to ourselves! Despite the excitement, the two of us wanted to keep tabs on him as well as make sure he wasn’t starving or walking around campus in filthy clothes, several weeks after he moved, the school had a parent visitation day. The two of us got to come see our boy, meet his friends and tour the campus. When the two of us arrived at his dorm, my partner and I were cheerful to see it was clean as well as orderly – however the two of us were horrified by the heat in his dorm room! I asked him how long it’s been hot in his room and he told us it’s been that way since he moved in.  Come on, why wouldn’t he say something to the university about that? Turns out, none of the dorm rooms have air conditioner systems, as well as the students were told to supply their own fans. This was annoying, despite my anger towards the university, I wanted to make sure my boy had what he needed to stay cool as well as comfortable in his small room away from home. I had my partner walk around campus with my son while I went to the local hardware store so I could purchase an evaporative cooler that was portable. I have an evaporative cool at home, as well as they are incredibly useful for keeping a small section cool without breaking your billfold for your utility bills. By the time I got back, I met my partner as well as son at the door of him dorm room! My son looked embarrassed to have his parents still trying to help him, however that’s a young adult for you. I told him I trusted him to set it up, as well as before the two of us left to go back home, I saw him as well as his dorm mate studying through guidelines to use it.  Now when I call him, my son tells my partner and I how popular he is for having the “coolest” room at the university. Corny joke, I know, however that’s what Dads do.


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