I do like the air moving around

I work for a local root beer shop that opened about a year ago now. However, from the first day it opened, I’ve noticed that the landlords don’t seem to focus on the experience had by customers in their shop, plus only recognize about the final product: the root beer itself.  I do admire then however as we offer and a large variety of beverages stemming from root beer, However the feel of the shop itself? Not great. The decor in the shop is minimal, plus not in a way that’s pleasing to many young people. It looks life the front desk of a dentist’s office when you walk in the front door. There is entirely little room for customers to linger after receiving their drinks, which I recognized was intentional – the owners are entirely suspicious of people who stay too long in their shop. But the worst area to work in here is the relentless heat from all the root beer machines. Since it’s such a small space, it takes only a few appliances to make it feel like it is an oven behind the counter! I’ve complained to the owners numerous times about how the heat is only driving customers away. Their response? Two box fans; a single on each side of the counter.  Certainly the owners have no expertise of how air conditioner works! I tried to cope with it as much as I could, however the fans only served to blow warm air in our faces plus in the faces of customers. Finally, I went to the owners a single last time, plus told them I would call the health department if they didn’t repair the a/c. That seemed to be the kick in the pants they needed, as both of us were outfitted with a room a/c behind the counter. Finally, some relief! This room a/c was barely noticeable, plus I could use a remote to make it colder or warmer without disrupting our work, then why couldn’t they have done this when the shop first opened?

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