A gift wrapped HVAC unit

I’ve honestly never had a fireplace in any of the houses that I’ve lived in. I’ve always wanted one, however, ever since I was a little boy. In fact, I always thought that it would be super cool to have an open flame inside my house. I also love the heady smell of woodsmoke, so having a fireplace has always been at the top of my wish list! For my 45th birthday, my spouse sent me away on a boys’ weekend with many of my best friends. She told me not to return until really late on Sunday night, since I never get time away from our youngsters. Well I tell you, she didn’t have to tell me twice! I took off with my friends and we had a super fun mini-getaway. But then, when I finally arrived home that Sunday night, I had the largest surprise of my life waiting for me! My spouse had called an HVAC dealer to come over and install a fireplace for me! This unique  HVAC dealer not only deals with regular HVAC units, they also specialize in gas logs plus regular wood burning fireplaces and stoves. I was so happy that I couldn’t quite believe it! The HVAC maintenance worker was still there putting the finishing touches on my new fireplace. In addition, he showed us both how to work everything! He even said that we might not need our gas furnace as much this winter if we learned how to use the fireplace correctly. I truly wouldn’t mind if we never used our gas furnace again as long as I can sleep next to my new cozy fireplace! I was so surprised with this wonderful gift that my spouse had installed for me! I never would have dreamed that the best gift ever would come wrapped in an HVAC maintenance truck!

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