Heading out to work

When you’re a professional HVAC representative, you never quite know what you’re bound to run into when you get called out to work! One very hot summer afternoon, I got sent out to a residential town on the east side of town. Earlier in the afternoon, the homeowner had called the HVAC company that I worked for to report that his air conditioner wasn’t working. Since the temperatures that week were in the high nineties, everyone was working overtime on air conditioner units. Still, we tried to get out to service calls especially rapidly for the elderly, since they can’t handle the heat particularly well. The receptionist at work said that this homeowner sounded pretty upset and annoyed because of his broken air conditioner unit. In any case, I headed over to his apartment right after my dinner break, during the hottest time of the day. I was grabbing my tools out of the air conditioner service truck and walking up to the door when it flew open all by itself! Before I could even say a word, an old guy yanked the door wide open and was right there in front of me, in nothing other than his tighty whities! He asked me if I was there to fix his air conditioner and I said, “Yes sir!” I mean, what else could I even say? The guy turned then, leading the way toward his HVAC unit and muttered loudly over his shoulder, “Well, it’s about time you actually showed up! I’ve been waiting for air conditioning all afternoon but I had just about run out of clothes to remove!”

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