Fixing the heating equipment

My neighbor Eric went to school to become a heating and a/c specialist. Just last year, he started finally working for a reputable local HVAC company based in our county. He truly enjoys doing heating and a/c work. That said, he has some crazy stories to tell after a whole year on the job! Once we were out having a beer, Eric told me the funniest story about a repair call that I have ever heard. He was doing an emergency furnace repair job at an assisted living center out in the country. He said that the apartment was full of little old folks, one of whom wouldn’t stop attempting to flirt with him. He tried to stay in the basement where the furnace was for the most part. Eventually, though, he had to come upstairs to check the temperature control settings. And this little old man came up to Eric and started trying to rub his shoulders while he was finally working on the temperature control. He tried to pry him off of him in a nice way, but he said that it was pretty difficult. He finally got the furnace fixed and the little man told him that when he was younger, he used to “try out the heating systems before he bought them, and all of the heating servicemen, too.” Then he told Eric that he thought he had a cute butt and tried to tip him! I almost snorted my beer out my nose when he told me that story. Who knew that HVAC service professionals led such very exciting lives?

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