Situating things close

I moved to the northern area of the country from a tropical beach just last year. It sounds a little crazy, I know, but I was provided with an amazing work opportunity with a good firm that I just couldn’t turn down. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be much different than my tropical lifestyle. I knew that going from warm to chilly weather conditions would definitely take some getting used to, of course. Still, I never dreamed that it would be as difficult as it has been this past year. So first off, where I grew up, none of us ever had an oil furnace installed in our homes! Air conditioning, sure, but never heating. Our temperatures rarely dropped somewhere below 71 degrees or so, even in the wintertime. However, when I moved up north, the first thing I had to learn about was oil furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. Apparently, if you’re not up on the latest ways to heat up your living space, you can literally freeze to death up here! That’s a pretty frightening realization for an island dweller, I can tell you! So I did a lot of research on the proper kind of heating component to buy for my house. Fortunately I found a quite reputable HVAC company that’s situated adjacent to my neighborhood. I’m excited that they’re right there because I anticipate that I will have tons of questions about my furnace, especially since I’ve never tried to operate one before. At least I’ll have quite a few professional HVAC guys close by to help answer all of my questions, even if some of them might seem genuinely dumb to them!


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