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It is a fact of human nature that we are attracted to sparkly, lovely, shiny objects. Some people have a significantly stronger attraction than others; I am, undoubtedly, one of those people. I took a huge risk when I bet on my passion and opened up my own jewelry shop. Fortunately, for the first three years, everything was going fantastically. Not only was the money coming in, but my customers were quite pleased. However, as time went on I slowly started to find myself in financial trouble, and the fate of the shop was hanging in the balance. Luckily, my nice friend knew someone who specializes in locating customized jewelry for purchasers and he referred them to my shop! A meeting was set, and I did everything I could to impress this person. If I could strike a deal with them, the jewelry shop would be saved! But when that morning came, it seemed that everything was going wrong. My HVAC system was making weird noises, one of the lights went out, as well as my worker called in sick! Luckily I was able to find a upgradement employee as well as lightbulb, but the HVAC issue was not fixed as easily. I was so frustrated at this point that I kicked the furnace, which in turn shut off. It was so stupid of me! I could recognize the shop getting colder by the hour as well as I knew I had to find a solution fast. Luckily, my buddy is an HVAC specialist who was able to come check out the unit. It turns out that both the temperature control as well as the furnace were not working as they should. About fifteen minutes or so before the meeting, the HVAC problem was remedied, everything was all set for the meeting, and it was my moment to shine!

HVAC repair 

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