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My mother in law was going to be staying with us for a month or so. I really wasn’t looking forward to such a lengthy visit from her because she always complains about everything. The first thing she always does is whine about is the HVAC system. She keeps asking when we are going to get a new one.  She said that we should get radiant heated floors and that we would be happy if we did. I could never get over the fact that she was a guest in our house trying to tell us what we needed to do. She had a great way of telling us how we should spend our money too. When she arrived I tried to stay hidden for as long as I could. One afternoon, while she was at our place, I asked her what she was doing, she said she was knitting a scarf so she wouldn’t freeze to death in our house. She constantly makes smart comments to make us feel like we are stupid and not doing things right. I had enough and went to the store to buy a space heater for her room.  I figure she will stay in there more and I wouldn’t have to listen to her constant complaints that way. When she saw it she laughed and said, “How is that little piece of junk going to keep me warm?” I just set it up for her and didn’t say a word. She said she had to to crank it up so maybe she could feel a little bit of warmth. She was truly loving all the attention and the heat although I don’t know that she would ever admit it. I told her later that I would help her move the heater from room to room if she wanted. It seemed to keep her happy for the most part anyway but I was still glad when it came time for her to leave.

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