We’d all like a new air conditioner

My mother in law was staying with us for a month or so. I really hadn’t been looking forward to such a lengthy visit because she always complains about everything. The first thing she was grumbling about was the HVAC system. She said that she didn’t understand why we hadn’t upgraded yet to a new one that would keep her more comfortable.  She said that we should get radiant floors, as that would really do the trick. I wanted to say that if she didn’t like it at the house, she could just not come for a visit, but, that would upset my wife. I find it funny that my mother-in-law has not difficulty telling me how I should spend my money!. One day, I asked her whats he was doing, and she said she was doing crocheting a blanket to try and keep herself warm. She said that she felt like she was going to freeze to death in our house. She always has such smart comments to make and it really has been driving me up the wall. One day, I had enough and went to the hardware store to buy a portable heater. She laughed and to said, “How is that little piece of junk going to keep me warm?” I just set it up for her and didn’t say a word. She said to crank it up so maybe she could feel a little bit of warmth. I cranked it to the max and before long, the family room was so hot. She was really loving the heat though so I didn’t bother her. I told her later that I would help her move the portable heater into her room, and surprisingly she didn’t object to that. So I set it up in her room and she had that thing blasting the whole night. I was just glad that I no longer had to listen to her complain.

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