Entertaining the houseguests

It looks like my brother will be staying with us for a bit while he gets back on his feet. I have to admit,  I really wasn’t looking forward to such a lengthy visit from him because he consistently complains about everything. The first thing he was grumbling about was the HVAC system. He said that he didn’t understand why we hadn’t upgraded it years ago.  This from the person who is unemployed and has no money!. He said that we should get radiant flooring throughout the house. I couldn’t believe he was a guest in our home trying to tell us what we needed to do. Especially trying to tell us to make such a major investment. One morning, I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was trying to find extra blankets so he wouldn’t freeze to death in our house. He always has such smart comments to make and it really has been driving me up the wall. One day, I went and bought him a portable heater so he could keep it next to him to keep warm. He just laughed and said, “How is that little piece of junk going to keep me warm?” I just set it up and walked out of the room. After a bit, he admitted that it made a difference.  I told him that since it was portable, he should take it in the den and use the computer to fill out job applications, that way, he could get his own place again and keep the heat at whatever he wanted. I guess he didn’t appreciate “my” smart comments as well as his own. Thankfully he has an interview that looks promising and, if it all pans out, we will have our house back to normal.


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