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During Thanksgiving, I was making a baked macaroni and cheese.  My daughter was helping me and when she was stirring the noodles, some of the butter and milk spilled into the oven.  I have a self cleaning oven, so I didn’t really worry about the mess, knowing that on Friday, I would clean the oven. The next morning, I got up and not thinking about the butter being grease, I turned on the oven.  About an hour into the process, my husband came into the kitchen and started to panic. The grease in the bottom of the stove had caught on fire. I hadn’t realized that the stove locked during this process and all we could do was helplessly stand by and watch it burn.  We turned on the ventilation fans, hoping to pull the smoke out of the house. We found out that the ventilation fan only pushed the smoke back into the house. My husband turned on the air conditioner, and we opened all the windows, opened the doors, and had the fans on high.  It was a bit chilly outside, because it was November, and we were all beginning to feel cold. The furnace was turning on and running trying to compensate for the fans and the air conditioning. Finally the fire went out on its own, and the stove was still usable. I made quite a mess that day, and I probably won’t ever live it down.  I also went out the following day and I bought a ventilation and exhaust hood for the stove, that vented to the outside.

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