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My daughter loved to help me cook.  Usually, she did really good, but sometimes we would end up with some wild messes.  I was making macaroni and cheese one day. We had the cheese sauce made, and it was mixed up with the noodles in a baking pan.  As I was putting the casserole in the oven, some of the cheese sauce spilled onto the bottom of the oven. It was a smelly mess, but the Ventilation hood over the oven, just transferred the smoke out into the kitchen, because the previous owners didn’t want to put a hole in the wall to vent it properly.  I knew I had to clean the oven the next day, so I never thought about the spilled grease and cheese, I turned on the auto for oven cleaning and walked away. About ten minutes into the process, I could hear the roar and then I saw the fire. I couldn’t open the oven to put the fire out, because the door locks.  I turned on the air conditioner to help pull out the smell, and I had the ceiling fans on high. All I could do was watch helplessly as the fire burned itself out. When the oven had cooled, I looked inside. I was glad that the ceiling fans, and the air conditioning was still on to get rid of the odor. I just stood there and looked at the useless ventilation hood and wished I could have a real ventilation hood.  The smoke and the smell would not be in my kitchen.

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