We don’t have any air vents

The range hood over my stove is useless.  We were getting ready to celebrate holidays, and I had put a pan of macaroni and cheese into the oven.  My daughter had been helping me all morning, and I had not really been paying attention to what she was doing.  When she put the mac and cheese in, some of the butter and cheese had spilled onto the bottom of the oven. Something always manages to burn when you are doing some major baking, so I didn’t think anything about the smell.  Before I put the cake in for dessert, the next day, I wanted to clean my oven. I set it for auto clean and I walked away. My husband went out into the kitchen and he yelled for. The grease had become so hot that it started a fire.  I tried to get into the oven but the door automatically locks. I had to helplessly wait, and hope the fire burned itself out. My husband turned on the range hood, but instead of the ventilation pulling the smoke and odor out of the house, it just spewed back in through the front air vent.  The range hood had never been vented outside. We turned on the air conditioning, even though it was freezing, in hopes of the air conditioning working its magic and getting rid of the smell and the smoke that was now filling my kitchen. A minute later, the fire had burned itself out. The air conditioning had pulled the smoke and smell from the kitchen.  I am so happy that we hadn’t taken the AC unit out of the window that year.

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