I’m happy about this climate control

Down here in the south, the people I was with and I would never even start to dream of being without our cooling system… In our neck of the woods all the people have to own central AC in their homes, and central AC units tend to include both heating and cooling. Really, it is the cooling system that gets used for the majority of the year. I officially run the old air conditioner from around March or May through September or October, right now we are in October, and there is no way it is cool enough to turn off that a/c, but when the temperature control does get low enough, I will certainly be flipping that switch on that central AC unit right over to the “off” side. In fall, my electric bill usually drops quite a bit. But actually, the least high-priced time of year to spend money for electricity is during the Spring, see, the Springtime is so perfect that the people I was with and I don’t even need cooling system or ceiling fans or heaters. Our energy consumption is reduced significantly, and that is reflected in our power bill from the government. I love Springtime because I can turn off the a/c and open the windows and hear the birds and the bees. We are really blessed to reside in a time when the people I was with and I have the ability to have cooling systems and oil gas furnaces in order to help us stay cool in warm season and warm in Winter, Really, it is also quite nice to care about the fresh air instead of always using the cooling system or oil furnace. I suppose just about everyone enjoys Spring and fall as their number one comfortable seasons.

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