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All of us easily spend some time with our neighbors, and we have asked them on multiple occasions how they can easily afford to keep their place of worship so cool during the summer months. When we run our heating and air conditioning plant during the summer months, there are multiple hundreds of dollars that easily are spent just trying to keep our place of worship at a comfortable temperature. Whenever we go to visit our neighbors on multiple occasions, it’s entirely cold inside of their place of worship. We’ve kept our thermostat significantly set to the same temperature all day and all night, but our Energy bill is still multiple dollars throughout all of the summer and spring time weeks. All of us finally decided to talk to the neighbors and ask them how they were easily affording such cool temperatures in their place. We were entirely surprised to find out there special advice was to get a smart thermostat for the heating and air conditioning plan. My wife and I read some further investigative materials about smart thermostats, and realize that we could entirely save multiple dollars by upgrading this type of heating and air conditioning plan. The problem was that we were spending so much money on our system, while we were easily at work all day. The smart thermostat would alleviate the need for us to leave the air conditioning plan running all day long without a single person in our place of worship. That has to save us some money over time, in the long run.

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