Our summer plans

I am fortunate enough to live in a real moderate climate. That means that HVAC is not a big deal to me. Heating and cooling is rarely thought about. I don’t waste money on HVAC service, tune ups and repairs. The reason for this is that I only own a small electric heater. In the Winter, the weather gets sort of cold where I use the heater every now and then. I turn it on, allow it to provide heating for a few hours, then my whole place stays evenly heated. In the Winter, I don’t even worry about air conditioning. First, I have a swimming pool. So if I ever get warm I would hop in the pool to cool down. Second, my house is really shaded by trees, which makes the inside naturally colder than what it should be. Lastly, I am just not someone who minds being a bit heated. Being a little warm is no big deal to me. I would rather spend money on heating than cooling any day. Not having to worry about a HVAC system breaking down is awesome. I hear about people in the North dealing with heater repairs in the middle of Winter. They have to pay double the cost of normal heating service because going without a heater is not an option. People in the South freak out when they have no power and that means no ability to have AC. I love that I am not totally dependent on my HVAC and it is not a huge expense for me.

central heater 

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